Shipping Terms & Conditions I BY VIVE

Shipping Terms & Conditions

While your items are in transit as well as once they are in our possession, they are covered by BY VIVE’s insurance policy. For your protection, every package sent to BY VIVE remains under constant video surveillance once it arrives to our office, and is opened under high-definition video recording. In the highly unlikely event of loss, theft, or damage; your items will be replaced with a like item of equal or greater value. In some cases, for items that are not easily replaceable, BY VIVE may elect to offer a one-time cash payout for an amount agreed upon between the client and BY VIVE prior to the finalization of the transaction.

If BY VIVE receives a package that has not been tampered with, but which does not contain the item(s) the client declares they are shipping, or the box is empty, BY VIVE’s insurance will not cover the package, as this is a known common scam.

All claims are subject to an Anti-Fraud Investigation, and claims are only paid after an Anti-Fraud Investigation is completed.

If client’s mails item and later decides to cancel the repair service, then BY VIVE reserves the right to charge client for return shipping costs.

In order for an incoming shipping claim to be valid, the following must be upheld:

  •  BY VIVE will provide client with a pre-paid, insured shipping label along with detailed packing and shipping instructions. Client must use the provided shipping label and follow all instructions as outlined to guarantee insurance coverage.
  • Insurance coverage will become null and void if client uses the label’s tracking details to re-route or alter the delivery of the package in any way.
  • The item shipped must match the description/photo provided.

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