How does by vive work?

It’s simple! Just click 'START A REPAIR' in the navigation bar to begin your repair. After you enter your information and check out, you’ll get a shipping label via email to print and send in your items for repair.

What happens once i send my item in?

Simply use the prepaid and fully insured shipping label we provide via email to ship us your damaged jewelry. Once our artisans receive your package, one of our team members will contact you with a video of the item received and a final price quote.

Assuming you approve the quote, we will immediately start working on your order. You will be notified via email at each stage of the repair. As soon we are done, the item(s) will be shipped back to you along with a tracking number.

How long does a repair typically take?

As soon as we receive your luxury item, we will send you a final repair quote within one business day. Once approved, the repair process usually takes between 5-7 business days.

*If the repair process takes longer than expected we will inform you immediately.

How can i be sure that i can trust you?

Our network of artisans is carefully vetted. We perform an extensive screening of each artisan to ensure that only the most trustworthy people have access to your luxury good. During this vetting process, everything is considered ranging from quality of work, security systems, years of experience, and insurance contracts.

Additionally, each team’s access to parts or gemstones is limited. They are only given access to the stones or parts of the luxury good needed to repair.

Every facility has stringent security measures and cameras that monitor every inch of the repair facility.

Why is it important to find the right service provider?

It is important to send your item to artisans dedicated to craftmanship and quality work. There are many ways to repair an item and our expertise allows us to filter out the facilities that apply quality work and don’t take short cuts. Using the right metals, methods and ensuring diamond safety are all crucial in choosing the right repair facility.

What if i change my mind? Can I decline the quote?

You can choose to decline the quote at no additional cost.

can i track at what stage my repair is at?

There are several key stages during the restoration process. These include item being recieved, item being restored, item going through quality control, and item ready to be returned. During each of these stages we provide each customer a notification on the updated status of their repair and an update on its estimated completion time.

Will my personal details stay safe?

Absolutely. We keep your personal data private and confidential and only share it with your consent or if legally permitted to. For further details, view the by vive privacy policy.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. If you would prefer an alternative payment option, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate.


Do you repair costume jewelry?

Yes, we will. However, please note that items that are considered costume jewelry may experience different results during repair and finishing work due to the materials used to make these pieces.

Typically all items go through a standard polishing and cleaning procedure after repair work. If an item has thin plating, this may remove coloration. Because of this, we will contact you before any work is done to ensure what your preferences are.

What can i do if the repair i need is not available?

If you started the service journey but cannot find what you need, you can simply select the quote or video call option. We will assess the item and reach out with all the information you need.

Can i speak with the goldsmith repairing my item?

If you would like to speak to the jeweler repairing your item, simply contact us either through email or the phone number above. We will forward any available times for the goldsmith to connect via Zoom or phone.

Can i send my grandmothers gemstones in to create a custom bracelet?

Some of our favorite projects have been helping customers breath new life into old or broken jewelry. Our goldsmiths are skilled at both hand-sketching and CAD renderings and are able to help you envision a new piece out of your old jewelry. The process begins with a rendering of the new item and once approved wax molds are created. These can then be mailed for you to approve before going forward. To learn more, please contact us to set up an appointment.


What shipping options are available?

We provide two completely free options when it comes to sending your jewelry items to BY VIVE.

USPS Priority at-home pick-up:
Once you select and pay for your online jewelry repair service, we will contact you to schedule a time for at home pickup. This option allows clients to use their own box and is completely free of charge.

FedEx Express 3-Day Shipping:
Your shipment is free and fulfilled via FedEx Express 3-Day. Approximately 1-3 business days across all states excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Customers located in those two states, they must ship via FedEx Priority Overnight.

Please note that a signature is required. If you would like to change that, please contact us.

What kind of packaging should i use?

We recommend placing your items either in a small pouch or its jewelry box. When putting these items into a shipping box, use tissue paper or newspaper to fill any extra space.

When will my repair be returned?

All repairs will ship within approximately 1 business day upon completion, and you’ll be provided with a tracking number via email once it ships. Unfortunately, we do not ship on holidays or weekends; for orders completed during those times they will be shipped the following business day.

Can i use any packaging box for the shipment?

You can use any packaging box you have at hand for shipment. Please ensure the luxury good is safely stored in the box.

How is the shipping label sent?

You will receive the shipping label conveniently via email.


What is your warranty?

We stand behind our craftsmanship. As such, we have a 365-day, hassle-free refund/redo policy. If your repair experiences any issues, we will redo the service at no charge.

*Please note that the warranty only covers the repair work we have completed and not other aspects of your luxury good.

What if something happens to my jewelry during the service?

All aftercare service providers we work with have insurance coverages that protect your item during the service. If anything happens, the declared value of the item will be refunded to you.

What happens if i am not satisfied with the work?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the work done, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the item back. We will cover all shipping and repair charges to fix the item.

*Refunds will be credited to the original payment method. We do not refund the shipping fee; it will be used to return your item. we do not refund customers for work that was performed according to customer specific instructions.

What happens if my jewelry item is lost on the way to by vive?

If this case occurs, we will immediately refund the service fee and file the claim with Fedex. When using the label we provided, all items will be covered by insurance.

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