Replating your fine jewerly


What Types of Metal Can Be Plated?

Metal plating is the process of coating a base metal or alloy metal with another thin layer of metal, providing luster, durability, and preferred color. Metal plating consists of various base metals combined with plating metals.

Metal plating is commonly used in jewelry, reinforcing the design and adding newness to some of your much-loved pieces. Silver, gold, and platinum are frequently plated for jewelry, enhancing the metal and bringing out the beauty of the gemstones and diamonds. This extra metal coating adds reinforcement and wearability to these pieces.

Metal plating may occur when you first purchase the piece or later when you wish to have it plated. Jewelry shows wear and tear, typically after 3-5 years. Our metal plating services allow you to easily and safely restore the beauty of your favorite piece.

replate gold jewelry


Plating White Gold, Silver & Platinum

White gold is a mixture of gold (which is yellow) and contains white metal alloys, including nickel, manganese, platinum, and palladium.

 The yellow sheen of the gold shows through over time, particularly on the bottom of white gold engagement rings and wedding bands. Plating your ring or other white gold jewelry with a fresh coat of rhodium makes it look brand new. 


What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a white metal that is part of the platinum metal family and does not corrode or tarnish, making it suitable for plating. Rhodium will also make the white gold harder, perfect for wearing your rings as much as you wish.

We offer silver plating services using rhodium. Silver may exhibit dullness as a result of oxidation. This dullness or soft glow is called patina and may not be able to be polished off. Using rhodium to coat the surface of well-worn silver will produce a crisp, white high shine.

Rhodium is also used to coat platinum. Is your luxurious platinum ring showing damage? Rhodium will remove the appearance of any scratches or damage to your platinum jewelry with a smooth brightness.

replate rhodium


Black Rhodium Plating

Black rhodium is created using rhodium and ink dye. This gorgeous dark color evenly coats your jewelry, creating a contemporary, edgy look. Give your favorite jewelry a stylish makeover with black rhodium plating. Not only is it striking, black rhodium is also durable and extra-tough.


Rose & Yellow Gold Karat Plating

Our gold plating services offer 14k and 18k rose and yellow gold plating options. Do you want to change the color of your gold jewelry? Coating your jewelry with another rich color of gold will saturate your piece. 

Both 14k gold plating and 18k gold plating are durable and suitable for your 14k or 18k gold jewelry item. Just like rhodium, gold plating will add a refreshed shine to your design, removing eye-visible damage such as scratches. Gold plating typically lasts two years or longer, depending on the usage of the item.


Plating Your Fine Jewelry

Our expert goldsmiths offer plating for fine metal jewelry. Do you have a piece you feel needs a makeover? Contact us today, and we will assist you in choosing the best metal plating service.

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