When it comes to jewelry repair, there can be a lot of apprehension as to where you can go to get your piece fixed safely, conveniently and at a reasonable price. 

It’s so easy to buy jewelry online, why isn’t it easy to get repairs done online?  When it comes to quality online jewelry repairs, there is a disconnect between the luxury industry as a whole and you, the consumer. Our digital nomad culture, online shopping habits and need for sustainability has changed the way of thinking.

Something as simple as a jewelry repair can shift the world in a new direction using less resources, and capturing the spirit of value, both monetary and sentimental.

Any jewelry that has meaning and value is worth the repair.  Plus, repairs are a more sustainable solution than tossing and rebuying. If you have a ring from your Grandmother with loose stones, or a necklace with sentimental meaning, that’s not something you can repurchase. You want it repaired so you can wear it again.

Driving around from place-to-place looking for the right jeweler to fix your items isn’t the answer. A mail-in jewelry repair service that does everything for you but keeps you informed along the way, digitally, is the way to go and fits our lifestyles better.


  1. Who can do my jewelry repair?

At BY VIVE, after we have identified the repair needed for your cherished piece, we connect you to one of our carefully vetted Artisans who share their expertise and skills for your specific repair. We work with partners who don’t take shortcuts, have a deep knowledge base, experience and certifications.

  1. How do I trust your online jewelry repair company with my jewelry?

For starters, as soon as we receive your jewelry, you’ll receive regular photo and video status updates of your repair. We enable you to track your item from start-to-finish, plus it’s insured. 

  1. How do repairs affect sustainability?

Repairs are part of the circular economy. By reusing what has been created, and getting it fixed, you’re saving money, energy and resources. You’ll also feel emboldened to purchase second-hand jewelry. Plus, you’re preserving a piece of fashion history, and the circle continues. 

  1. How are jewelry repairs done digitally?

Once you discover that broken necklace or damaged ring, all you have to do is take a few photos and send them to us. You don’t need to drive around or make a million phone calls looking for a reputable jeweler to help you, you can do it while you’re at home, in an Uber or waiting for the kids. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been like this before.

  1. Can I get an online jewelry appraisal too?

Getting an online jewelry appraisal is as easy and convenient as a repair.

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