Easy Guide for Ring Sizing: All You Need to Know

This brief blog post will cover topics including what sizing a ring is, who may need ring sizing, proper engagement ring fit, the resizing process, and which engagement ring styles cannot be resized.

What is Ring Sizing?

Ring sizing is a must for those who need the correct sizing of their ring. You purchased your favorite ring, only to find it is too big or small. Ring resizing is the process in which you have the ring sized up or down, accommodating your most comfortable ring size.

Who Needs Ring Sizing?

You may not notice it, but our fingers constantly change throughout the day and throughout our lifetime. These changes can be attributed to temperature change, eating certain foods, and doing activities with your hands. If your fingers have changed to the point that your ring is difficult to take off or keep on then it may be time to consider a ring resizing. Resizing your ring is an excellent solution for someone that wants to preserve their ring’s beauty but alter it so that it can be worn daily. Renew life into your engagement ring, wedding band, ring guard, or other mountings with an affordable ring adjustment.

Ring size adjustment

Ring resizing is very common practice for engagement rings, wedding bands, or bridal sets, giving them extra customization and comfort for the bride or groom. Also, whether you have a favorite stacking ring, gemstone cocktail ring, anniversary ring, or another band you love, ring sizing is an easy and affordable alternative.

Proper Engagement Ring Fit

The proper ring size should fit comfortably. Your finger should allow the ring to slip on and off with minimal effort as your other hand guides it to do so when needed. The ring should not move around or act as if it will fall off on its own. It should stand correctly on the finger, showcasing the center mounting.

Likewise, it should not be uncomfortably snug, cutting off circulation and blood flow from the body.

Resizing Process

When it comes to resizing your ring, multiple factors must be considered. Things such as the type of metal the ring is crafted in, the placement of stones, and the desired amount altered all need to carefully be considered by an expert goldsmith. This is because when done properly, a resized ring will show no signs of alteration and the repair will last a lifetime.

Ring resizing goldsmith

 How does a ring resizing work? For smaller sizes, the jeweler will melt down the metal on the bottom of the shank(ring), remove part of it (just like resizing pants or a shirt by a tailor or seamstress), and meld it back together. This process will result in a seamless look, unable to detect it has been resized.

 For larger sizing, the jeweler will add more metal, accommodating a larger ring size. Stretching is another alternative, but if done to the wrong ring, may cause damage to the mounting and design.

 Cleats or sizing assistants are small gold or metal ball beads soldered (melded) to the bottom of the ring, offering a closer fit without melting and adjusting the shank. These balls will not shift the mounting and they will not permanently damage the original shape of the band. They can also be removed easier than restoring a melt down or a stretch. Cleats were more common in the past, but are still available today upon request. Cleats can also be a great option if the ring in top heavy and keeps spinning on your finger.

 A ring sizer is a ring adjustment guard fashioned with metal or wire that can wrap around the bottom of the ring, providing support with the additional metal. Ring sizers provide the least invasive method for resizing the ring and can be bent up or down, accommodating your ring size as they sit wrapped around the shank on each side of the ring’s band. Ring sizers/guards can easily be removed by a jewelry professional without causing damage to the original mounting. However, they do not blend in a pleasing appearance with the metal, may catch extra debris (lotion, food, cosmetics) and may be slightly uncomfortable.

What Engagement Ring Styles Cannot Be Resized?

Not all rings with channel set stones can be resized, including eternity settings and invisible set rings. Any ring that needs significant resizing up or down by several sizes (size 10 to a 5, for example) also can not be done.

Invisible set ring
Above is an example of an invisible set ring. Due to the way the stones are held together, these rings can be very difficult to resize. 

Unique metals not commonly found (tungsten or stainless steel, ceramics). Rings with distinctive finishes (matte, black gold lacquer, colored enameling, diamond-cut, satin, combination, two-tone, tri-color, etc) cannot be resized if there is no area these finishes do not cover (found on the bottom of the band).

Rings that feature engraving, diamond-cut, openwork, small stones, and filigree all the way around without a plain part on the bottom cannot be resized.

How to have your ring resized?

Our network of expert goldsmiths have completed hundreds of ring sizing’s. Each sizing is unique and great detail is applied to ensure that the structural integrity of the ring stays in place. To get the process started, click the START A REPAIR button on our homepage and we will contact you with a price within 12 hours. Each resizing takes between 1-3 business days.

Do you have questions or concerns about ring resizing? Contact us today.

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