The 6 Most Common Types of Earring Backs

The 6 Most Common Types of Earring Backs

Luxury Streamlined Earring Repair Options for Any Style

We are pleased to offer online earring repair services that accommodate your busy schedule and specific jewelry repair needs. Our in-house master jewelers cater toward repairs for luxury earrings, one-of-a-kind designer earrings, prized heirloom earrings, and other precious keepsake earrings. Some services include fixing, replacing, or changing your current earring backs. We work with premium fine metals such as all gold karats and platinum.

With years of expertise, hands-on experience, and proven professionalism, we ensure your repairs will be done correctly. Please see the list below of some of the earring back styles that may be repaired.

Butterfly Push Backs

Butterfly push backs are one of the most common types of earring backs and are frequently seen on stud earrings. Butterfly push backs consist of a needle post with a finding resembling butterfly wings. This backing may sometimes be referred to as post friction butterfly push backs–this denotes the entire backing design.  Butterflies may be very small and delicate or oversized.

The metal loops on the back of the butterfly may loosen over time. Tightening the back will allow it to fit more securely.

Earrings with butterfly backs: Studs, dangle earrings

Butterfly earring back

Screw Backs

Screw backs are similar to butterfly backs in appearance at first glance but offer significantly higher security for earrings that have a higher price value, most notably diamond studs. The post features a texture similar to a nail with textured grooves. The double-decker backing screws onto the post, giving it a nut and bolt appearance.

Earrings with screw backs: Luxury fine earrings, diamond earrings

Screwback earring

Lever Backs or Latch Backs

Lever or latch backs feature a slim wire (also referred to as a Euro Wire) fashioned into an oval hoop shape. A latch mechanism on a hinge clamps onto the wire for a secure, seamless fit from top to bottom.

Earrings with lever backs: Dangle/fringe, chandelier earrings, or single solitaire earrings

The hinge may loosen or break. Repairing the hinge gives your favorite dangle earrings a more secure fit.

leverback earring

Omega Backs

Omega backs are a type of hinge backing, offering a closer fit with a post and metal element resembling the Greek letter omega. Omega backs may look like a double question mark, adding extra glamor and grander presentation to your earrings because of their noteworthy design.

Earrings with omega backs: Statement, heavy earrings, stud, hoops, dangles, cluster, or chandelier earrings

The hinges on the bottom of the omega may loosen over time, causing the backing to break. Repairing and replacing either or both the post and hinge will allow for a better fit.

omega back earring

Fish Hooks, Shepherd’s Hooks, French Wire

These graceful wires feature a slender curve that slips through the earlobe with ease. Shepherd’s hooks (also Shepherd hooks), French wire, and fish hooks offer slight variations of this elongated, slim wire.

Earrings with Shepherd’s hooks, fish hooks, or french wire: Drop, chandelier, geometric, dangle earrings

French wire earring back

Lock Backs/Plastic Safety Disc Barrel Backs

Plastic safety backs may sometimes be referred to as lock backs. These backings have two common findings attached–a plastic disc on a barrel back. These backings fit onto needle/post backs and are used for heavier earrings, providing extra support with an up-close fit to the earlobe, allowing the earring to stay up.

Earrings with plastic safety disc barrel backs: Larger stud earrings, pearl earrings, dangle earrings, heavier earrings with posts that need support

lock back earring

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