3 Historic Jewelry Designers: Women Who Shaped the Industry

3 Historic Jewelry Designers: Women Who Shaped the Industry

Jewelry has always been an important accessory for women throughout history. From precious stones and metals to intricate designs, jewelry has been a symbol of beauty, status, and cultural significance. Over the years, there have been many notable female jewelry designers who have made a mark in the industry. In this blog post, we will highlight three historic female jewelry designers that you should know. 

Suzanne Belperron


    Suzanne Belperron was a French jewelry designer known for her unique, innovative designs that often featured bold, geometric shapes and vibrant colors. She was particularly popular in the 1930s and 1940s, when her jewelry was worn by many of the most fashionable women of the time, including the Duchess of Windsor and Josephine Baker. Belperron's designs were often inspired by nature, and she was particularly known for her use of unconventional materials, such as rock crystal and black enamel. Her work was highly sought-after during her lifetime, and today, her pieces are highly collectible.
      Elizabeth Taylor

      ELIZABETH TAYLOR (1932-2011)

        While Elizabeth Taylor is best known as an actress, she was also a prolific jewelry designer and collector. Taylor was famously passionate about jewelry, and throughout her life, she amassed a stunning collection of pieces that included some of the most famous and valuable jewels in the world. In addition to collecting jewelry, Taylor also designed her own pieces, and her designs often featured bold, colorful stones in unusual settings. Some of her most famous designs include the Taj Mahal diamond necklace, which was a gift from Richard Burton, and the Krupp diamond, which was also a gift from Burton.
          Paloma Picasso

          PALOMA PICASSO (B. 1949)

            Paloma Picasso is a Spanish-born jewelry designer and the daughter of artist Pablo Picasso. Like her father, Picasso is known for her bold, unconventional designs, which often feature unexpected combinations of materials and shapes. Her work is often inspired by her travels and her interest in different cultures, and she has created collections inspired by everything from ancient Egyptian jewelry to the architecture of Venice. Some of her most famous designs include the "Graffiti" collection, which features bold, graphic shapes, and the "Olive Leaf" collection, which is inspired by the olive groves near her home in Marrakesh.


            In conclusion, these three historic female jewelry designers have made significant contributions to the world of jewelry design, and their work continues to inspire designers and collectors today. Whether you are a jewelry collector or simply appreciate beautiful, well-crafted pieces, you can't go wrong with pieces from these iconic designers. And if you are ever in need of jewelry repair services, be sure to entrust your precious pieces to a trusted professional who will treat them with the care and respect they deserve.

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